Pregnancy can be a stressful time. Between doctor’s appointments, making plans, the physical stress of growing a baby, and all of your other obligations like school, friends and family, you may feel overwhelmed. Managing your stress while you are pregnant may help you feel better.

Find Someone to Talk To

Everyone can benefit from having someone to talk to. Whether it’s a family member, your baby’s father, a friend, a trusted adult, or a professional counselor, find someone trustworthy to talk to when you’re feeling stressed.


Take a moment to remember that your pregnancy is a fairly short part of your life. When you’re in the middle of it, it can be hard to believe that it will ever be over, but it will be. If you’re getting stressed out by the physical experience of pregnancy, remind yourself you will not be pregnant forever. You can do it!

Time for You

Try to do something you enjoy each day, even if only for a few minutes. Read a book, take a walk, text with a friend, do a craft, write in your journal, or something else you enjoy.


Ask your doctor what kind of exercise you can do while you’re pregnant. Exercise can help relieve stress, and may help with some of the discomforts of pregnancy.

Managing Responsibilities

You had responsibilities before you were pregnant, like going to school, participating in extracurricular activities, and/or commitments to your family and friends. Now that you’re pregnant, those responsibilities probably didn’t magically disappear, but meeting them all may seem a lot harder. Take some time to figure out what things you really need or want to do, and which activities you can take a break from for awhile.

Once you’ve determined your priorities, it may help to make a plan for accomplishing them. A calendar may help you schedule yourself so that you can get it all done.

Get Enough Rest

You might be more tired than usual when you’re pregnant. It’s important to get lots of rest—you may find you feel better if you go to bed earlier, and take naps if you feel you need one.

Let People Help

Start letting the people in your life that you trust help you out when you need it. Ask for what you need specifically, like, “Are you available to take me to the doctor on April 7th?” or “Can we get tea and just talk?” You don’t have to do it all alone!

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