Thinking about your goals and making plans to reach them can keep you on track to making the best life for you and your child. Whether you’re a mother or a father, your choices impact your child, so it’s important to make plans and set goals early on. With the added responsibilities of being a… Continue reading THINKING ABOUT THE FUTURE


Once you have a paycheck, it’s time to open a checking account. A checking account is a bank account that you can use by writing a check or using a debit card. Some banks charge monthly fees for these accounts, others don’t. A bank account helps you in several ways. It’s much less expensive than… Continue reading USING THE BANK


Earning money is an important part of becoming independent, but managing that money is even more important. Having a plan for how you save, spend, and use your money will make a big difference in how you’re able to live your life and take care of your family. Making a Budget A budget might sound… Continue reading MANAGING YOUR MONEY


Supporting your child is one of the biggest responsibilities of being a parent. Right now, you might be thinking it makes more sense to work full time than to finish high school. After all, no one pays you to go to school, and you’d have more hours available to work if you weren’t in school.  Did… Continue reading PROVIDING FOR MY FAMILY


When two people have a child together, they are linked through their shared love and commitment to doing what’s best for that child. Whether or not they stay together, they are still that child’s parents. Most of the time, it is best for children to have a relationship with both of their parents. Working together… Continue reading PARENTING TOGETHER


Babies and toddlers are small and curious. This causes them to get hurt more often than adults and older children. Here are some ways to help keep them safer: Keep an Eye on Them Watching your child and paying attention to what he or she is up to is the best way to keep them… Continue reading A SAFE HOME


Waiting awhile to have another child gives you the best chance to reach some of your goals, and concentrate your time and attention on your son or daughter.  It also gives you the chance to get the hang of parenting and gain more skills. Choosing a type of birth control is an important part of… Continue reading FAMILY PLANNING


Whether you are in a relationship with your child’s mother/father, or someone else, you deserve a relationship that is healthy, safe, and positive. A Healthy Relationship In a healthy relationship: You respect each other. Appreciating each other and not trying to force change on yourself or your partner. Your partner should think you’re the greatest,… Continue reading HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS