Rights Of Pregnant And Parenting Teens

Providing medical care for pregnant and parenting teens and their children requires a careful understanding of the minor consent laws in your state.  The rules regarding consent are influenced by age, the type of care being provided, whether the organization providing care receives specific types of government funding (e.g., Title X), and if the care being provided is for the adolescent or their child.

While the legislation for each specific health service is different (and should be verified individually) in general an adolescent in Michigan is able to provide consent for medical care for their own child – while they would require their parent’s consent to receive the same services themselves. The Network for Public Health Law has developed a brief resource guide to the minor consent requirements in Michigan. The University of Michigan Health System Adolescent Health Initiative has put together a Best Practice and Policy Guide which has helpful hints on managing parent and adolescent patient interactions and confidentiality in a clinical setting.

Additional resources for finding specific laws and statutes online include: