Developmental Milestones

Your baby will grow and change a lot in their first year. When they are born, they aren’t able to control their movements very well, talk, or even see past what is right in front of them. By his or her first birthday, your baby should be crawling around, pulling up to stand while holding onto something, making sounds, and maybe even taking steps and saying simple words like “Dada” or “Mama.” The first year is full of new skills for a baby.

Most babies learn and develop these new skills at particular times in their first year. These skills are called milestones—they mark how your baby is growing and developing.

There are different kinds of milestones:

  • Movement Milestones
    Your baby will gain more control over the large movements of his or her body, like sitting up, crawling and walking—these are called “gross motor milestones.” 

    Your baby will start to be able to control smaller movements of the body, like holding a spoon, or picking up something small—these are called “fine motor milestones.”

  • Sensory Milestones
    Your baby will also develop his or her senses—sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. For example he or she will start to watch objects move, and feel things with his or her mouth by putting everything they are holding into their mouths.
  • Language Milestones
    Your baby will start making sounds, saying or trying to say words, and begin to know what people say.
  • Social Milestones
    Finally, as your baby grows, he or she will begin to interact more with other people. Your baby will start to play with you and recognize people they see all of the time.

Keep track of your baby’s milestones by writing them down, or using this helpful checklist.

Then, when you visit your baby’s doctor, you’ll be able to remember and tell them.

Some babies reach milestones a little early, or a little late. This is normal. But, if you notice that your baby hasn’t reached a milestone you think they should have, talk to your doctor—it’s best to check it.