Another Family In The Picture

Getting along

Grandparents and other supportive adults sometimes become gatekeepers of the parenting teens’ relationships. These can be relationships with the baby’s mom or dad, their family, or other supportive adults. It is natural for you to want to protect your parenting teen. However, overdoing it can add more stress to your teen’s already stressful life and strain their relationships with the other side of their baby’s family. Remember, parents and other supportive adults are crucial for a child’s social, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Whether the parents stay together or not, their ability to get along and co-parent is in the baby’s best interest. This is a time when all families and support systems are needed to help raise a healthy, well-adjusted child. If there is tension, consider taking time to have short, positive conversations that end on a high note. Soon, any negative feelings on both sides will start to subside.